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さぁ、私の日本語はこれ以上駄目です。だから、英語はじまる。。。I learned Japanese once a week. :P

It's so nice that they can come to Taiwan to visit us.

First day I've reservation a BBQ restaurant named Kanpai. That's a quite interesting restaurant and I was looking forward to see Yasu and Satoshi's kissing. But when they finally arrival Taipei was about 7:30 and we were late so that we change our mind to eat Xiao Long Bao. We were so glad that they enjoy it. After that we went a pub which only two customers in it and drank some beers.

I got to work in the second day. So Dannis and me met they in the evening and went to the famous copy CD's shopping mall. But they didn't buy the DVDs which they want. After that we went to eat "Spicy Pot" 'coz Satoshi loves Chilly food. I guess it's the first time they have a pot like that. Than we went to an electronic game filed to play basketball game and took photos in stickers there. ChiaYu remember the homeless experience in yesterday so she left first. Dannis, Satoshi, Yasu and I went to another pub for some beers again. We talked and feel just like we are in Canterbury.

Third day was Friday. I'd absent from my work. We went to a famous Temple(Xing Ten Kong) for asking health and happiness. Luckily, We met a kind grandma who can speak Japanese. She tell us about some rules about how to pray and talk to god. Yasu want to know how's his future so we went to a fortune taller to ask about it. And the most "HURT" experience is coming... That's foot massage!!! It's REALLY hurt in my feet!! also Yasu....Maybe he got more care about his health!!! We went to eat Xiao Long Bao again(but not the same restaurant) and Beijing Duck for lunch that day.
We went back to my hometown and buy some street snacks for dinner. They was sleep so early after three bottles of beers.

The fourth day. We went to Sun Moon Lake and Chia-Yu’s hometown to buy tea and have lunch. Than we went to Yinggie where is the famous town product pottery. ‘coz Satoshi want a pottery tea pot set. After visit all the shops, he decided to buy one .

I am tired now, so I decide stop here today....if you want to know about where were we went, pleace go to Yasu's blog~~:P

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